Once again the Class of '61 proves that nothing can stop it and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception! Our ELEVENTH ANNUAL Red Sweater Event took place via Zoom on December 3rd. Some 23 us gathered for a "virtual get together" which lasted about two hours! Stories and memories of days gone by were shared. Once again, thanks go to Jim Hanson for setting up the event. It was a common hope that before too long we will all be able to gather in person once again.

To view a condensed version of the Event (lasting about an hour) CLICK HERE!


In the meantime, STAY SAFE EVERYONE ! ! !



Faribault Responds

The current COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for all of us.  But 100 years ago the residents of our home town not only had a pandemic to deal with, but a World War as well.  To intrepid filmmakers from our area have released a very interesting video. It tells the story of an immigrant couple who eventually made their way to Faribault and details the struggles they faced in dealing with the War and the challenges of fighting the raging Spanish Flu.  Click on the link below to share the story:




A Message From Your Webmaster:

To read an inspirational message for these very uncertain and trying times, CLICK HERE.


As discussed during the Red Sweater get together, Maggie (Peterson) Dixon has written a book about her journey through life and the many challenges she has faced. There are twelve chapters in the book, one for each month of the year. Along with the inspirational messages and anecdotes which Maggie provides, she has also included much humor. It is her philosophy that humor not only lessens the burdens that we feel but also provides unbounded strength to see us through the toughest of times.

The cost of the book is $16.00. If you would like a copy of the book, Maggie would be more than happy to send you one. To order, you can contact Maggie on her home phone 507-451-0018 or on her cell 213-9500. Her home address is:

Maggie Dixon  
165 Barry Drive
Owatonna, MN 55060

(A personal note from your webmaster: I have read the book and have found it to be VERY moving. I recommend it wholeheartedly!)


Never let it be said that something like the COVID-19 pandemic could stand in the way of the Class of 1961 getting together. Through the "magic" of the Internet and Zoom, some 18 classmates participated in a Virtual Happy Hour on June 11, 2020. It was truly a "global event" with participants from Norway, Oregon, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota enjoying each others company for an hour. Thanks to Jim Hanson for recording the event and placing it on YouTube. To view the event in its entirety, CLICK HERE.


Our Tenth Annual Red Sweater Luncheon was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS. In all, some 53 classmates, spouses, and friends attended. The highlight of the event was a very moving and funny presentation from Maggie (Peterson) Dixon. Word around the room was that she missed her calling as a standup comedienne. We will long remember the "three jokes" she told which had us all laughing so hard. To view pictures of the get together, CLICK HERE.



A perfectly Fall day set the scene for a perfectly SUPER Class Luncheon at the Porter Creel Restaurant in Burnsville, MN, where 30 classmates, significant others, friends gathered for yet another round of great food and great conversation.   Porter Creek even created a special menu "branded" to the Class of '61. To view a photo gallery of the event, CLICK HERE.



For summaries and pictures of previous Class Luncheons, Reunions, and other get together's, CLICK HERE


It is important to stay in touch, so as your contact information changes (what with retirements, "moving to the lake", etc.) be sure to contact either of the following with the latest information so that we can contact you with all the class news and updates, along with information regarding future class gatherings.

Jim Hanson at jimsoli@me.com
Roy (Butch) Welsandt at rwelsandt@borealisenterprises.com


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